The First Magic Mile of 2014

Sounds incredibly impressive, doesn’t it?

Well bearing in mind that my running more or less ground to a halt for a few months and I now feel as if I’m starting again, it was more than satisfactory.

I had planned to do my MM at the local track, doing a warm up run through the town, but waiting in for a no-show delivery put paid to that idea. Instead it had to be a treadmill run after dinner. Needs must. The training app said to set the treadmill at 9.7 kph for the first mile, which was a jog really. When the timed mile started the app flashed up to 10.3 kph, which I knew would give me a really slow mile if I took walk breaks during it, so I decided to run a straight mile and gradually increase the speed. By the last few hundred metres I was running at 13.3 kph and hoping that it was enough because I couldn’t sustain a faster speed for any length of time. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my mile came in at 9:04.

Today I put my Magic Mile time into Jeff’s race calculator. This is what came out:


Basically if I don’t improve on 9:04 at my next MM test I’m looking at a 2:22 half marathon – identical to my Great North Run (and PB) time. If I”m honest I think that this is great. I’ve been feeling as if I’ve gone backwards, but this proves that I haven’t.

I’m intrigued by the training pace it suggests. 13 minute miles! Again I tend to push myself on long runs to maintain a faster pace, but clearly I shouldn’t be trying quite so hard. Or punishing myself quite so hard either!

I also had a look at the run/walk ratio chart. I’ve been doing 2:1 intervals (i.e. 2 minutes running to 1 minute walking)


According to this I should maybe doing 1:1 during long runs and maybe 3:1 on shorter runs. I could really do with understanding this better! Maybe I’ll tweet Jeff and see if he replies – I have seen him answer queries before. I’ve been adjusting the ratios according to how I felt, which I know is fine, but not according to pace. Do I adjust the app? I guess so – I need some guidance!

In any case I’m due for 30 minutes tomorrow and Friday, both hopefully through the woods with the dog, and then 6½ miles on Sunday/Monday. If I could get some answers before then, that would be great, otherwise I’ll be doing 6½ miles at 11 min/mile pace at 3:1 ratios, as per normal!

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