My Achilles Heel is my Achilles Heel, Apparently (frowny face)

Everyone, they say, has an Achilles Heel. Today I discovered that mine is indeed my Achilles Heel. And this was a total surprise.

I had a three mile run on the cards, a warm up jog (yes, I said the J word) followed by a timed Magic Mile  and finally a slow cool down mile to bring me home. It’s a totally lovely day here; cool, sunny and calm – ideal running weather.

I set off down the coast road, which is reasonably flat after an initial descent and subsequent climb, enjoying the views across to Cumbria, the birdsong and the sunshine. I was even wearing sunglasses! I felt great.

When the call came to start my Magic Mile I clicked the Garmin onto the next lap and sped up a bit and it was then that my wonderful Achilles Tendon announced its displeasure. And boy, did it! I tried to run through it, I stopped to stretch it and restart the mile – nothing was working. Instead I was reduced to a hobble like run, half hop, half run. It was not a good look. I tried as hard as I could to maintain some pace on the mile, but it was tough. All I wanted to do was get a lift home and get some ice on it.

When the Magic Mile finished I slowed the pace down and limped home rather despondently.

However, my mile came in at 10:10 – not that awful after all – and my 3 miles were an alright 34 minutes – not that awful considering that I was just cruising home. All is not lost. I’m sitting icing my heel and hoping that this was maybe just the result of chiropractic jiggery-pokery from Thursday’s session. The ice will help and I stretched out after the run. My fingers are crossed. So I’m a bit down. OK, but a tad worried. I don’t need injury at the start of my challenge!

On an up note I have received my first two donations for my fund-raising in aid of Diabetes UK and the promise of a few more, which is great.

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