Magic Miles and Sore Ankles

Over the last week I’ve been gradually trying to build up some strength and endurance, using a combination of trail running and treadmill intervals. This seemed to be working well and by Monday (i.e. long run day) I was feeling pleased with myself and ready to do my next Magic Mile run.

Last week I’d had a full body massage and the masseuse concentrated on my lower back and legs in an effort to loosen things off a bit. My ankle wasn’t hurting at all by the weekend and I was feeling relieved.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Blue skies, bright sunshine, but with quite a breeze blowing. I decided to have a change and do a loop through the next village along, Ruthwell. It’s not as flat a route as the shore road, but it’s not bad. It finishes with a quite long hill though.

My Jeff Galloway training app was still set to one minute walk run intervals so I stuck with that for the warm up mile. It was meant to be a slower mile anyway and I did it in 10:57. I stopped at one point to do some ankle loosening exercises because I could feel how stiff my left ankle was, the one I’d been having problems with, from the off. The exercises consisted of ankle rotations and up/down flexes. It seemed to help.

My Magic Mile, a timed mile, was going to be faster so I altered the app to 3 minute run intervals and 1 minute walks. I didn’t want to try and run the mile – I’ve been having enough problems! The mile was uphill for the two thirds, but I still managed to finish it in 10:16 (app time) 10:32 (Garmin time). I’d had some Garmin issues so I’m guessing my mile is somewhere in between the two!

The last mile was a cool down mile, completing the 3 miles in 35 minutes.

Last night I iced my ankle, which was looking a bit puffy, and today I must admit I’m struggling a bit. My ankle is stiff and my Achilles is sore. I’m hobbling again, but I’m wearing compression socks and taking Ibuprofen. I will ice my ankle again tonight, do these exercises and keep crossing my fingers!



2 thoughts on “Magic Miles and Sore Ankles

  1. Are you still suffering aches and pains Julie? Can’t believe your muscles and joints aren’t hardened to this running game after all this time.
    One of my regular remedies, recommended by a masseur, is to fill the bath with hot water, chuck in a pound of Epson Salts and relax in it for anything up to an hour while listening to some of my favourite music. It works wonders for me – and I usually weigh a pound less when i get out….

    1. That’s good advice, Gordon – thank you. I think I have naturally tight calf muscles and it’s those that are causing the foot problems. I stretch them to kingdom come after a run, do loosening exercises before I run and have massage, but they are just tight no matter what I do! I think I’ve broken the back of the Achilles problem now though. My biggest issue is that I have pre-existing physical problems that I can do nothing about. Each has a knock on effect. I just learn to deal with each symptom as it arises. Having been born with hip dysplasia and, as a result of bad treatment, having a leg that is twisted and shorter than the other is bound to cause problems! I don’t like excuses, so I just get on with the job as best I can 😊

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