Running into the Unknown – A Yorkshire Adventure

We’re having a few days away, camping not far from Ripon in North Yorkshire. It’s rather beautiful and we are being blessed with some glorious weather. We’re testing out our newly acquired trailer tent, having sold our caravan in search for something lighter and so more usable with the older cars we use during the classic car season. This little unit will be home to us on several weekends throughout the year, starting now and ending in October, so we needed to make sure it had what we needed.

So far we are very pleased with our comfortable and cosy trailer tent, which probably somewhat annoyingly I have named Trixie. Until it has a name, it’s not part of the family. Trixie was towed here by Etta, driven by Grant.

Yesterday I had a long run to complete, 11 miles into territory I wasn’t really familiar with despite having holidayed here a few times now. I bought an OS walking map of the area and downloaded a mapping app using the site wifi (all mod cons!) and planned a circular route from the campsite through several villages and ending up just outside the next village – the plan being that Grant would then come and collect me.

I set off quite late, after 5, once the heat had gone out of a surprisingly warm sun. My 11 miles were paced to take about 2 hours 15 minutes and the sun was due to go down at 8ish. It was tight, but I was sure I’d make it back before I needed a torch!

The route was gorgeous, taking me through some very pretty villages and past some very expensive looking houses. My first 3 miles were ok. My half pace is set for 10 minute miles, so my long run pace should be about 12-13 minute miles. I did the first three in 10:51, 11:26 and 11:25. At mile four I arrived at the first village, Bishop Monkton. From there I messaged hubbie that I’d arrived safely and that I had just 7 miles to go. I took my first chia 33Shake gel and headed off, following the ducks down the brook which runs through the village. I spotted my first and, as it had it, only fellow runner on the route – a rather athletic looking chap running the other way. I said hello, but got the chilly impression that had I not smiled and said anything my presence would have been ignored.

From Bishop Monkton I headed for Burton Leonard. The route was at this point quite undulating, no huge rises or falls, just nice quiet roads. However the hill up to Burton Leonard was a bit more of a challenge, but I put my head down, shortened my stride and just got on with it. My body felt good, quite strong and with no real aches or pains. I could feel my Achilles stretching, but it wasn’t painful.

From Burton Leonard I headed for Copgrove and on to Staveley, constantly checking the little scrap of paper onto which I had scribbled the place names and a rough map. I had also photographed the OS map with my phone as an emergency back up – I wasn’t going to get lost!

20140415-081202 pm.jpg
Miles 4 to 8 came in as follows: 11:35, 11:58, 12:22, 10:55 and 12:20. From that you can see which were the hillier miles! At mile 7 I was flying. I felt great and the ground just seemed to melt away under my feet. My runner’s high!

When I reached the outskirts of Copgrove I stopped to take another gel. I’d managed to find a rubbish bin in Bishop Monkton to dispose of the last gel packet, but I had to hang onto this one until I was in the village centre. I see far too much litter around when I’m running; I hate it. If I can’t dispose of it properly I take it home, no matter how inconvenient that is.

Copgrove to Minskip was a slog, a real slog. It seemed to be a never ending climb, one hill after another – all good practice, I’m sure! but not really what I needed at the end of a long run! Miles 9 and 10 were 12:08 and 11:58. The last mile was torturous and, to make it worse, I’d hit the stop button on the Garmin by mistake and lost some time. However as I’d planned out the route before hand I knew exactly where to stop. When I reached the road end Jeff Galloway announced I’d “done a good job!” I wasn’t that far out. My pace on my last mile was 12:30.

Overall I did the 11 miles at 11:44 pace, with which I am very happy. It was lovely running through places I didn’t know, seeing sights I hadn’t seen before and going slow enough to have a good look. The weather had been perfect and I had plenty of light left to complete the run safely.

I walked/jogged to the end of Minskip and rang hubbie to come for me. It was another couple of miles or so to the campsite at Roecliffe and it would have been quite dark by the time I got back if I had walked. Not only that our last meal was lunch at about 2pm. It was now well after 7pm and I still had dinner to cook!

Today I’m a little bit stiff. My heel is a bit achy and without a freezer compartment of a fridge I have no ice packs. Instead I settled for a walk into Boroughbridge to work out any lactic acid and a limp back when I’d obviously done far too much! I do have some lovely photos though!

Tomorrow I’m due for a 30 minute run which I might do into town and back. We walked along the canal today which would be lovely for a run with the dog. We’ll see!

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