Resting with-in-tent

We’re safely installed in our wee trailer tent in the outskirts of Leith, just up the road from tomorrow’s race route. Today we did a dummy run to the nearest Park and Ride, which is 30 minutes away. It’s as well we did the dummy run because the satnav took us through a housing estate and a retail park, adding another 30 minutes to the journey! At least we know where we’re going!

I’ve prepared pretty much everything, I think. I’ve got my Camelbak full of 0.75 litres of water and a tablet and a half of  High 5 Zero hydration. My 33Shake chia gels are hydrating and I’m currently charging my Garmin. All that’s left is for me to charge my phone. Oh and sleep.

The bus is collecting us from the Park and Ride at 6am, taking us via all the other park and rides to the start at Holyrood Park for about 7am. The race starts at 8am, so I’ll have a bit of waiting around, although they want us in our corales by 7:45am. Working backwards we need to leave the campsite at 5am; we shouldn’t have any delays, but I’d rather being sitting in the car waiting than rushing about trying to get there! I reckon we need to get up at 4am to have breakfast and get ready, so I need to go to bed in about 25 minutes if I’m to get 8 hours sleep! Next time I’ll look for a later starting race!

It’s just started raining. It’s only light rain and it’s supposedly meant to stay that way until tomorrow afternoon, at which time we might be enjoying a thunderstorm. I don’t mind running in light rain. I just hope that the wind stays fairly calm. The last time I ran a half marathon in Edinburgh it was so windy the portaloos were being blown over and the after race concert had to be cancelled because the stage had been ravaged by gusts! Light rain would actually be a blessing!

I’ve had a homemade spaghetti bolognaise, high in carbs and protein, low in fat and salt, and I’m drinking a lovely apple, mango and passion fruit sparkling juice from M&S. I’m being as sensible as I can be; I’m taking as few chances as I can! I need to feel relaxed and prepared.

So next time I write I’ll have run another 13.1 miles, collected another medal and be wearing the technical tee-shirt. I’m looking forward to running this race. I’ll give it my best.

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