Splitting Up

nO8CjseBet that caught your attention.

No, I’m not talking about hubbie and I – I’m actually talking about what to do on long run days. At the moment Britain is experiencing some very warm weather and we have been for more than a month now. It’s actually raining now, but I’ve got doors and windows open because it’s far too warm to have them closed. Houses in the UK aren’t generally air-conditioned, usually we’re creating another atmospheric layer trying to keep our houses warm so opening windows and doors is our way of balancing the effect on the eco-system! Usually by 9 it’s too warm to run and it’s like that until about 9 at night.

Today I was down for an 11 mile run and, yes, I could have got up at 5am and had it all done by 7, but the truth is neither of us have been sleeping well lately. The weather doesn’t help, but we’ve also got an elderly neighbour very ill in hospital and we’re both on tenterhooks. Waking my hubbie an hour earlier just so that I could get a run in didn’t seem fair to either of us. So I got up at 7, as usual, and was out the door by just after half past to do just over half the distance.

By splitting long runs into a morning and an evening run I will get the benefit of the mileage,but at less cost. If I’d tried to run on and do another hour this morning, it would have been a long, hot slow slog under the rising sun. Instead I did an 11 min/mile paced 6 miles and have another 5 to look forward to later. Even if that’s 5 on the treadmill it’s only 5 miles. I can suffer a couple of episodes of Star Trek in order to get it done.

The premise behind splitting long runs is one which many middle and long distance runners discuss with opposing opinions (of course!) This article from Active sums up my thinking. I won’t always split my long runs, but whilst the weather is too warm to safely do otherwise, then I will continue so to do.



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