Nifty at Fifty

Yesterday was my birthday.

Not just any birthday, but what’s known as a ‘significant birthday’.

Yesterday I turned 50.

I was very precise about the whole turning 50 affair. I was born at 12:45 on 21 August 1964, which meant that I turned 50 at 12:45 on 21 August 2014. Until the hand ticked across the 12:45 minute time, I was still just 49!

Not that age really bothers me. I’m good for 50, I don’t feel whatever 50 is meant to feel and I’m certainly fitter and healthier than some people half my age, so actually I’m in a good place so far as crossing this decade is concerned. I look at my active (and slightly mad) parents at the ages of 70 and 75 and see myself continuing in this slightly crazed fashion for some time to come!

A very good friend gave me a fabulous gift to drink my morning pint of tea from. A ‘nifty at fifty’ mug and matching coaster. Despite the fact that this morning I am victim of a stinking cold, I’m still feeling nifty at fifty and, come Sunday, when I run another 13.1 miles for Diabetes UK I will still feel nifty at fifty. I might feel a bit less than nifty immediately afterwards, but what the heck!


So today when you read this post you might look across to the right and see that my Gravatar has changed. I am now fifty.

And if you look up to the site title you will see that I’m no longer a forty something woman running to save her life, now I’m a fifty something woman.

Necessary changes, but insignificant in the big scheme of things.

Age is just a number.

5 thoughts on “Nifty at Fifty

  1. Happy birthday:)
    It’s all in the head, you are what you feel. I am 63 and feel I am still 30!!(just don’t look it!!)
    Keep on running- enjoy:)

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