Running Free

It’s a strange feeling, knowing that you are running well and not having anything to aim for save a 5k in two months time. Today I left the house with my faithful little dog and headed for the woods; he was excited and I was relieved not to be in training anymore! We were dodging showers, unsuccessfully in the main, but it didn’t matter. It wasn’t cold and we weren’t far from home, so getting a bit wet was a minor thing.

As you can see the woods are looking gloriously autumnal at the moment, with us experiencing some unseasonably warm weather (it should be frosty now, but the nearest we got today was a bit of hail.)

We’ve had a fair bit of rain, so all the streams which are usually just trickles are swollen torrents. The paths are still reasonably gravelly, so the amount of mud around is minimal. Great for my washing bill!

I ran the first mile in an easy 10:48, the second in an almost identical 10:49 and the last in 12:13, stopping to take photos and videos as I went.

Which way?

It was a lovely, gentle, gleeful run – 3.13 miles in 35:34. Murphy had great fun running back and fro, as he does. If I could bottle his energy, I’d be a millionaire!