Long time, No Run, No Post


It’s been almost three weeks since I last ran and if I wasn’t so exhausted I’d be going mad. Three weeks ago I was suddenly struck down with an almighty back ache. It seemed to come from nowhere and totally floored me. As it subsided I was left with an ache that went from my lower spine to my left hip and deep into my groin. Gradually the ache worsened.

This week I finally braved the doctor. She was thorough; besides the back/leg problem I was also experiencing dizziness. She diagnosed Labyrinthitis and (tentatively) bursitis of the hip. The combination of the painkillers and antibiotics has left me feeling sick and worn out. To be honest, I’m just getting through a day’s work, if I can, and just sleeping when I get home.

I’m bushed!

Ironically my Great Winter Run number arrived in the post this week, reminding me that in six weeks I have the hardest 5k of the season to do. And, not only that, Mo Farah is meant to be competing at the Cross Country Championships held at Holyrood Park after I’ve run! I have to be there. I have to!

Hopefully the pills will do their magic, the swelling on my hip will soon subside and I will no longer fall over whenever I left my head like this…..




10 thoughts on “Long time, No Run, No Post

  1. Oh dear, that doesn’t sound nice at all Julie. Get well soon, you’ve gotta be at your best for Christmas, Hogmanay….. and Mo.
    I’ve been off colour for the past two weeks, but foolishly kept on running during the first week which didn’t help matters. So antibiotics for me too….
    We’ll be just down the road from you to celebrate Hogmanay, at Balcary Bay. Looking forward to running that beautiful coast path again, back by Loch Mackie and saying hello to the horses…

    1. Hi Gordon 🙂 I hope you are feeling better. It’s not easy to take rest when you’ve been used to being a human dynamo! I hope you are fit for that coastal run and the delights of Balcary Bay!

  2. Hope your back on the mend. Very frustrating not being able to do what you enjoy most. But! When you finally get out again it does feel great.
    Take it steady

    1. I’m biding my time, Ian – thank you! I thought I was on the mend this week, but I seem to have had a set back and I can’t think why. I’m trying my exercises, so maybe I’m just paying for that a wee bit. I’ll get there though 🙂

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