Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

Mud, mud, glorious mud
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood

(The Hippotamus Song – Flanders and Swann)

It was recovery run day today and it had to be a trail run. It just had to be. So, in between heavy rain showers, I headed down to the local woods with my trusty hound. It was destined to be a muddy affair as it has rained on and off for a few days, so I wasn’t entirely surprised by the big muddy puddles covering the path!

map1I’d decided to run with just my Garmin and set that to bleep 30 second intervals; I figured that 30 seconds on and off task would tease out any lactic acid whilst not putting my hip under any extra strain. It was very windy and I was pleased to be just running for 30 seconds at a time!

I didn’t run far; a friend had contacted me at the last minute offering an appointment at the local college for a facial and, bugger it, I deserved a treat! What I did do was run happy and within my current capabilities.

map2 map3

On the way back something odd happened with my Garmin. It just went haywire, quickly flicking between intervals for about 30 seconds and recording nothing. I just had to stand still and wait for it to stop! I’ve had issues with my 405 in the past, related to GPS and battery, but these had been solved. I’ll be interested to see if that happens again!

My hip is actually feeling better. Massage has helped free off my other muscles and they must be putting less strain on my hip. I’m drinking ginger tea regularly and using Deep Freeze gel to help with the inflammation. I’m not a great pill-popper and so I’m happy not to be taking ibuprofen twice a day. I did struggle after the weekend’s race; walking especially was very painful.

I will continue to take it easy, but I hope that by continuing this regime of massage, ice and gentle running I’ll make a faster recovery.

When you’re injured, what works best for you? Do you take a complete break or just do less?

3 thoughts on “Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

  1. Well done for your result in Edinburgh, seems like result and well done for getting out on the trail. I should have run last night! But! The wind, rain and darkness meant my enthusiasm was low and the attraction of mugs of tea with biscuits much more attractive, as well as Broadchurch! So I was a wimp!!

    1. I seem to miss all these series; Downton and Broadchurch remain a mystery to me. I don’t think we stop and sit down soon enough to get hooked, although I must admit I’ve recorded Silent Witness for a time when we do! If it hadn’t been a day off, I wouldn’t have been out either. It’s too dark when I get home to head out onto the trails and too boring to run the quarter mile of lit path we do have! It’ll be the treadmill and Star Trek later, if my hip is ok. It’s a bit sore this morning, so I don’t know what’s going on there. Fingers crossed!

  2. It’s because Broadchurch aka West Bay at Bridport is local to us, so I like to spot the ‘where am I’
    I did get out on Wednesday through the woods and on the trail, even though there was sleet, and it was muddy!! But it was in the daytime, in the light! Much different. Then home to hot shower and a hose off of the shoes.
    Hope you are progressing with you health😃

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