And relax…..

15482609-une-femme-caucasienne-position-d--exercice-de-yoga-guerrier-en-studio-silhouette-isole-sur-fond-blanMy last post on Map My Fitness starts “I’ve given up stressing about not running…” and it’s true. I’ve taken some great advice from a Twitter colleague who replied to one of my more moany tweets like this:

“…the only way I was able to make in roads was to first mentally accept the gift of injury…”                                                  @TerrelHale

It was as if a light had been turned on. Instead of looking at my hip issue as a ‘issue’, I should be looking at it as an opportunity. A blessing, rather than a blessed problem.

I’ve decided that as I can’t run (because just walking and standing are aggravating my hip and running will undoubtedly exacerbate it) I should look at other ways to get my health hit and maintain my sanity. Cycling wouldn’t help; I’m still using the same rotational movement as running. Swimming might, but the local pools aren’t very local at all! So I’ve settled on yoga.

Today I did 15 minutes of yoga before heading off to do my weekly shop. It was just 15 minutes, but I actually found it quite hard and even worked up a sweat! My plan is to do 15 minutes yoga daily, which should be easily achievable and will also give me a some strength back. If I have more time I’ll do a longer session.


5 thoughts on “And relax…..

  1. Yoga is hard! I started doing a program called PiYO, which is a combination of Pilates and yoga. It’s challenging as hell, but I love it! I’ve really grown to love yoga moves like downward dog and child’s pose! 🙂

    1. Downward Dog is actually quite tough at the moment – my calves are solid. In fact my legs aren’t brilliant just now; I think they are rebelling at coping with a limp!

  2. My other half goes to a Yoga class each Monday morning – for 1½ hours would you believe? She comes home looking more knackered than if she’d been running for that amount of time. I’ll stick to running!

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