At a Total Standstill

I returned to the doctors on Friday, limping in so badly that the receptionist offered me use of the lift. My hip pain is no better than it was in November and I can’t quite work out what I’m doing to aggravate it. Just living, I think.

The doctor poked and prodded all the sore bits and said she still thinks that it’s bursitis. She asked me what made it worse.

“Well,” I replied “Walking, walking uphill especially, standing, sitting, standing and sitting, walking slowly, walking fast, driving, lying on the left hip, lying on my right hip, but not running.” I added that I’d done the Edinburgh Winter Run recently and had limped there and back, but ran the race without a problem (discounting the effects of the weather!) What I really wanted her to say was “Well if running doesn’t hurt, keep running!” but instead she just stared at me when I said that I’d taken up yoga until I could run again. Was yoga ok? I got the distinct impression that rest was the only “ok” thing on the menu.

So that’s where I’m at. Exercise, at the moment, consists of walking to the pub and lifting a pint of Guinness. I was worried that not running would mean an immediate load-on of weight, but that’s not happened. I’ll just have to watch what I eat and simply let my hip heal. And be patient.


2 thoughts on “At a Total Standstill

  1. What I really wanted her to say was “Well if running doesn’t hurt, keep running!”
    It’s funny you should say that Julie because it’s often true. There are mornings when my back is so bad I’ve difficulty getting down the stairs, but once I get out running it feels perfectly OK.
    Last Saturday my Rt hamstring was feeling tight prompting the thought “Shall I abort this run?” But I kept on running and after a mile or so I’d forgotten all about the hamstring. I’ve reached the conclusion it’s INACTIVITY that causes stiffness and that I’m destined to run for the rest of my life. Perish the thought!

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