A Trip to the Physio

Today I went to visit the fabulous physiotherapists of Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. My appointment had come through quite quickly, but clashed with a call up for jury duty. Thankfully though my doctor had written an excellent letter explaining why sitting in a jury box would be uncomfortable for me (to say the least!) I’ve already had an x-ray which thankfully discounted arthritis.

After a long and very detailed questionnaire I was asked to demonstrate my range of movement. It was at this point that the physio asked if I had shorts on under my joggers. “Erm, no – I thought all I needed was loose fitting trousers!” As a mother, of course, I have long lost all dignity so performing the moves I was asked to perform in my sensible undies was a total breeze! Thank goodness for Big Pants.


In short, they confirmed Bursitis.

To begin with we trying the option of a series of ultrasound sessions. I’m heading back on Friday for the first session. If those don’t work (and I’m really, really hoping they do – read on…) then the next step is a series of steroid injections. Gulp.

The physios also confirmed that I do have one leg longer than the other and have referred me to orthotics.

In the meantime I have one exercise to do, The Clam. The physio was very impressed that I could name it! 10 reps, 3 times a day to begin with.


But the very best thing was that whilst we were doing the tests the senior physio remarked that I have excellent hamstrings! Way to go me! No running since November and I have noteworthy  hamstrings!! It cheered me up no end.

It certainly made up for the fact that I’d just been assessed whilst wearing my Big Pants!


3 thoughts on “A Trip to the Physio

  1. Nice have some confirmation of what the problems are, at least then you can do something about it, and take positive action.
    Glad you are getting sorted.
    You will soon be jogging round the block again:-)

  2. How’s it going Julie? Have the Clams and the ultrasound had any effect? Or has it come down to steroid injections? I only once had a steroid injection, for plantar fascitis, which was a little painful but it cleared the problem almost overnight and it’s never come back. Anyway, good luck with whatever they decide to do with you, and let’s have you back running and blogging cos I’m missing your postings!
    Oh, and we have something in common, I also have one leg longer than the other.
    All the best…..

    1. Hi Gordon 🙂 I’ve not really felt like posting lately, hence the quiet corner over here. I’m due my fourth ultrasound tomorrow and whilst I realise that it’s cummulative, I don’t feel that it’s having any effect. I’m useless at remembering my evening clams and I have admitted that to my physio, so I compromised and upped the number of morning ones to compensate! I went to Glasgow on Monday and could hardly walk back to the car and then suffered all day Tuesday. If I’m honest, I’m sick to the back teeth with feeling so rubbish! I’m giving the ultrasound a go, but there’s a big bit of me that now just wishes they’d stick a bloody great needle in me and get this over with! Maybe that was their plan, those devious physiotherapists!! I am now desperate to get running again; my weight is piling on and I’m eating because I’m bored! The knitting is NOT filling the gap. Thank you – it’s good to know you’re there, willing me on 🙂

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