Getting There

It’s been ages since I put fingertips to keyboard. If I’m honest, I’ve not felt like sharing more bad news and general moaniness. This is meant to be a running blog and running isn’t something I’ve done anything of lately. Limping, I’ve done. I’ve hobbled a bit too. I’ve even done the leg collapse thing. Last weekend, whilst attending a car show with my husband, I even considered hiring a mobility scooter. Running people over might have been the closest I could have come to actually ‘running’.

The ultrasound treatment didn’t work. Apparently it wasn’t likely to as the bursitis is chronic, but (and I do agree with this) the physios like to try less invasive methods before anything else.

So far as future treatment is concerned, well, I’m in line for a cortisone injection. However, as my hip is so badly swollen with bursitis, I can’t have the injection until I can reduce the swelling. So I’m having to apply ice packs several times a day and, when I can’t apply an ice pack, I’m wearing Deep Freeze ice patches – which thankfully are on special offer at Superdrug at the moment! The alternative is aspiration of the bursa fluid, which isn’t pleasant and involves a large needle. Nuff said.

I am now also doing a further modified version of the clam exercise and, from what the physio said this week, I’m going to be having continued sessions for some time until my hip strength can be improved. I need to improve that strength the prevent this from all happening again. And, believe me, I don’t want to go through this ever again!

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