Technological Advances


Today I had my appointment at the podiatrist. Located in small cupboard in A&E, the orthotics department was manned by a very pleasant Geordie named Tony and a friendly administrator whose name I can’t remember, but it’s on the letter, apparently.

Tony carefully read through my notes and noted that the physios had measured a 15mm difference in my leg length. I was prepared for half an hour of prodding and assessment using state of the art equipment. Instead Tony asked me to place my left foot on a small piece of plywood with “3mm” marked on it in felt tip. Looking at my shoulders Tony shook his head and replaced the 3mm ply with a 5mm. That still wasn’t right, so we carried on this process until he got to a 9mm piece of wood. “That’s it,” he said “That’s the most I’ve got.” I had depleted Tony’s woodpile.

Tony reached into a chocablock cupboard and fished out a set of cork inserts. Placing one insert in my left trainer he promptly placed the shoe on my foot and tied my laces. That’s personal service. I bet you don’t get that in London. He even put the other shoe on for me!

So, here I am, slightly taller than the last time I wrote. 9mm taller, to be exact. I’m to give this a shot for a couple of weeks and report back with any problems. If I need a higher lift it’ll mean sending my shoes away and getting lifts inserting externally. I honestly don’t think I have a nice enough pair of shoes I can do that with!

My appointment to get my cortisone injection has also been made. I’m spending every spare moment applying icepacks to my swollen hip and that is helping calm the swelling down. Hopefully by the time my appointment comes round the swelling will be minimal and hopefully I can go ahead with the injection. Words I never thought I’d be typing!





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