Hello Square One, Not So Nice to See You

Oh well, here we are again. Me and Square One appear to be becoming good friends, sadly.

Exactly ten days after my steroid injection and having being very careful (not standing too much or walking too far) and gradually feeling better and better, I reached Thursday and again my world shrank. Maybe I walked a little too far or  stood a little too long, but I appear now, on Saturday, to be in as much pain as I was in the weeks leading up to my injection. I could just cry.

I’m currently sitting, after a painful day at the gallery, icing my hip and drinking wine. It’s called self-medication. I’m tired and grumpy.

I’m due back at the physiotherapists at the hospital on Thursday morning, so I’ll try to struggle through to then. I’m trying not to take pain killers because I’m frightened that if I mask the pain I’ll end up doing more damage. I’m sick of moaning and I’m fed up of being in pain every time I stand up, every time I put one foot in front of the other. I’m totally fed up of seeing runners in town and enviously wishing that I was in their shoes.

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