Watching Time Pass By

timeI went to the physio again today. My hip is still badly swollen, or ‘thick’ as she described it. I’ve been managing to walk short distances unaided (like from my car into school, or from my car to my front door), but beyond that I still need my stick. It’s a lovely evening and what I would love to do is wander down to the woods behind our house, but I can’t. The physio did some adjustments on my spine and told me to come back in a couple of weeks. If this doesn’t work, I’m getting referred to Orthopaedics at the hospital.

I also went to the doctor today because the dizzy spells I was having before Christmas had still not gone away. The doctor couldn’t quite believe that I’d waited so long to return, but I kept explaining that I don’t usually go to the doctors at all. Years pass between visits. Or at least they use to. So now I have a whole cabinet of pills; painkillers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics (I have a tooth abscess as well) and anti-Vertigo tablets. I also have high blood pressure, so next week I get to go back and have an ECG and bloodtests. It’s no wonder I avoid going to the doctors!

I see runners out all the time, preparing for races and I’m so envious. As it is, I can’t see me doing the 10k I’m booked in for in August at this rate. I haven’t run since January. I couldn’t even walk 10k at the moment. In fact I’d be happy to walk 10k right now!

I’m finding myself avoiding Facebook posts about running and not reading about other people’s progress. Where I used to enjoy sharing the joy of my friends’ pursuits, now I just feel isolated by my incapacity.

Life goes on. Runners carry on running. I just sit and try very, very hard not to get depressed!

I am not, however, depressed. I am frustrated, sure, but I have enough things to distract me from feeling sorry for myself! I am also determined to beat this and get running again, as soon as I can. And I will.


10 thoughts on “Watching Time Pass By

  1. The last year or so I’ve been cutting back on my sharing on FB because I know that not everyone is “in” season and many times in our lives we are put “out” by life, illness, injury etc. I’m sorry you are hurt. I love that you are not depressed, you have so much to be blessed over and surely this frustration will NOT get the best of you; your heart! You shine no matter how many miles you run! I will pray for you and hope that your hip inflammation goes away quickly from here on out!

    1. Thanks Connie ❤
      Prayers would be appreciated, although there are so many worse things to pray for! My friend tells me he has been offering prayer too, which is just lovely. I have good friends!

  2. Sorry to hear things arent going so well. I’m hoping to start running again next week with the C25K program. I was looking at my (neglected) blog this morning and doing an update on a page. I’ve done zero running since January. I’m sure we’ll both be back to running eventually.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with your hip. Being sidelined sucks big time, but you will get back on track again.
    Take care of yourself and, yes, definitely stay away from Facebook! 😉

    1. Thank you 🙂 One of my runner friends has just completed her first marathon, so I was cheering her on from the comments on FB. She said she’d run it for me, which was lovely of her! Maybe staying away from FB isn’t such a good thing 😉

  4. Sorry to read you are still poorly, Stay positive, it will heal in time, just don’t try too soon. Taking it very slow is the answer, just enjoy reading about others adventures, you will be back soon to join them😄

    1. Thanks Ian 😊 Taking it slowly is something I’ve had to learn to do. It’s not easy, being the impatient type, but I’m getting better at getting better!

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