I am still alive! 

Just in case you were wondering. 

I’ve been busy with work and, as a result, too tired to do anything when I’ve got home other than chill out with my feet up, in front of the box, with a large G&T.  To be succinct, I’m still in a state of invalidity. I’m hardly able to walk any distance, especially as the day passes, and when I do walk I do it with the aid of a stick. It’s a bit of a come down for me after celebrating half marathon finish after half marathon finish.

My chiropractor has admitted defeat; not in so many words, but he clearly had no idea how to help me when I last visited. I’m beginning to wonder if I should continue to see him at all at the moment. My NHS physio similarly doesn’t know why I’m still in pain and why I’m not responding to the treatment I’ve been given (albeit do the Clam and see how you are in two weeks). I’ve not seen my physio for over a month as she’s been on holiday and I managed to mix up the dates of my last appointment, arriving a week late! 

The next step seems to be referral to the Orthapaedic department at the local hospital and then wait for an MRI appointment. After that I can’t see any other options but to operate to remove the bursa, if it’s still the bursa causing the problem.

No one can be prepared for chronic long-term pain. It’s not just debilitating, it’s depressing too. Being in constant pain drains the life out of you and if the painkillers don’t work or make you ill, you just have to learn to cope with it as best you can. I’m trying not to eat too much, coming on holiday with a huge basket of fruit to munch on instead of biscuits, chocolate and crisps. As I type, I am sitting in the caravan awning with a punnet of strawberries and some flavoured water. 

This next few days will be for me to relax and not do too much. We are pitched overlooking New England Bay on the most southern tip of Scotland, within spitting distance of a lovely sandy beach. When hubbie heads out on his bike I’ve resolved to do some yoga and sit on the beach with my paints. Hopefully some inactivity will help the inflammation on my hip and the yoga will help to loosen some joints and muscles. 

I received my number from Women’s Running magazine for the 10k in Glasgow which I obviously won’t be running at the end of the week. It pained me to admit defeat and email them, but in the same email I volunteered as a water giver outer on the course. I get a sweatshirt and a goody bag in place of the medal and T-shirt and at least the sense of satisfaction that I’ve helped out. 

My plans beyond that depend on what the hospital says. I can’t run or do anything that aggravates the bursa, so I just need to be patient. I do have an ace up my sleeve in the form of a friendly physio who may be able to offer acupuncture. It’s something I now need to pursue.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their running. Honestly I do, you just don’t know what is around the corner. Run for me! 

One thought on “I am still alive! 

  1. Stay positive, it will sort, sooner or later, just ‘ hitch’ in an otherwise fit young woman. I am sure you will be back running soon, meanwhile, relax and enjoy reading other blogs on running or watch the ‘felliphant’ video on you tube.
    Best regards

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