Hello Kinesiology Tape, I think I love you!

It’s been an age since I last blogged. With little progress to talk about, I couldn’t see the point of boring you and depressing myself! Up until last week I was still struggling about town with a stick, despite a day of reprieve after which I foolishly raised my hopes. I’m really hoping that now my new found enthusiasm for a few pieces of pink tape are realised.

A while back I bought a pack of kinesiology tape from Lidl. I hadn’t even opened the pack until a few days ago and was delighted to find that my £9.99 had been well spent with the pack containing three rolls of tape, a DVD, an instruction manual and some decent scissors. I took the DVD and watched it, a tad concerned at first with the choices of Scandinavian languages – what had I bought?

The DVD showed you how easy it was to apply the tape and where to apply it for different muscle injuries and weaknesses. None really applied to me, although I was intrigued by the use over the Sartorius muscle which crosses the thigh. This is where a lot of my pain has been.

I Googled, as you do, and discovered this video:

So I cut the tape and applied it in this fashion.

Within a day I found that I was relying less on my stick. I added a twist across from my hip, down my thigh to the other side of my knee, following the line of the Sartorius, and this has helped to stabilise things further and I’m now walking without pain, save for an ache to the left of my lower leg. I’m thinking of taping that as well, just to see if it helps.

The swelling on my hip has reduced considerably and I can bear my weight on it for the first time in months. Not for long, but longer than I could last week even!

It’s massive progress. I feel as if I’m actually starting to heal…at last!

I’m not looking forward to removing the tape, but it is hypo-allergenic so at least I won’t be left with a welt!

My physio has backed right off, hoping this thing will heal itself, and my chiropractor is focusing on lower back pain (probably caused by me hunching over a walking stick like a 90 year old!) so I don’t feel as if I’m treading on toes here. And, if I’m totally honest, I don’t care.