A Trip to the Physio

Today I went to visit the fabulous physiotherapists of Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. My appointment had come through quite quickly, but clashed with a call up for jury duty. Thankfully though my doctor had written an excellent letter explaining why sitting in a jury box would be uncomfortable for me (to say the least!) I’ve already had an x-ray which thankfully discounted arthritis.

After a long and very detailed questionnaire I was asked to demonstrate my range of movement. It was at this point that the physio asked if I had shorts on under my joggers. “Erm, no – I thought all I needed was loose fitting trousers!” As a mother, of course, I have long lost all dignity so performing the moves I was asked to perform in my sensible undies was a total breeze! Thank goodness for Big Pants.


In short, they confirmed Bursitis.

To begin with we trying the option of a series of ultrasound sessions. I’m heading back on Friday for the first session. If those don’t work (and I’m really, really hoping they do – read on…) then the next step is a series of steroid injections. Gulp.

The physios also confirmed that I do have one leg longer than the other and have referred me to orthotics.

In the meantime I have one exercise to do, The Clam. The physio was very impressed that I could name it! 10 reps, 3 times a day to begin with.


But the very best thing was that whilst we were doing the tests the senior physio remarked that I have excellent hamstrings! Way to go me! No running since November and I have noteworthy  hamstrings!! It cheered me up no end.

It certainly made up for the fact that I’d just been assessed whilst wearing my Big Pants!