On the road to recovery

Seasonal Greetings!

Up until today I hadn’t felt much like posting here, mostly because there wasn’t much to say. I was injured and I wasn’t running and I was grumpy because of it.

Today I travelled along the road to recovery. Not far, but far enough to lift my spirits and make me feel a bit more human. A bit more like a runner again.

On my last trip to the chiropractor on Monday of Christmas week I saw for the first time genuine concern on the face of my chiropractor as everything he suggested previously had failed to work. I was in as much pain as ever and the pain killers were making me ill. I’d had to stop taking them and resort to prescription grade ibuprofen gel. It wasn’t handy and applying gel to your hip and leg isn’t easy when you’re working! Not to be beaten, Super Chiropractor reassessed my pain and discovered that it wasn’t so much my underdeveloped glutes that were causing the bursitis, but the tightness of my iliotibial band and also the sartorius muscle which crosses from the hip to the inside of the knee. It was that combination that was making the bursa inflammed. (The bursa is a fluid filled sac between bone and tendon, protecting both, which when inflammed causes injuries such as Housemaid’s Knee, Tennis Elbow and Runner’s Hip!)

IT Band and Sartorius muscles, together causing friction at the hip, aggravated the bursa sac and caused the pain.
IT Band and Sartorius muscles, together causing friction at the hip, aggravated the bursa sac and caused the pain.

I left with heavily bruised hip, outer leg and inner knee, but also with tools to fix this myself.

Through self-massage and pressure point therapy I have managed to loosen both muscles to the stage at which I am now, just about ready to run again. My legs are black and blue, but it’s been worth it. Even the look on my son’s face as he came in to find me using a suspicious looking battery powered hand held massager on my IT band was worth it.

On the day after Boxing Day I walked for 30 minutes through the woods I love to run through. I struggled a bit towards the end, as it was uphill, but I recovered quickly and it was by far the furthest I’ve walked without painkillers or being in agony for a month.

Today I felt confident enough to attempt a treadmill run. I had it in mind to run for 10 minutes and assess the damage, deciding then whether to run on for another 20 minutes. I ran a slow 9 kph for most of the run, finishing, as ever, a bit faster! I walked for 3 minutes to warm up (the cabin was frozen up after the coldest night so far this year!) and then ran for 4 minutes and walked for 1, repeating this until I reached 20 minutes of running. Walking for the minute meant that I could constantly reassess how I was feeling. The only thing I noted was that my posture was a bit stooped and when I stood tall I felt better.

My distance and speed are naff, of course! I ran 3.3 km in 26 minutes (3 minutes warm up walk and 3 minutes cool down walk), so just a couple of miles.

But, after the last six weeks, they were the sweetest two miles ever!


I’ve foam rollered my IT band and I’m off for a hot bath now, followed by some massage and an ice pack or two. My fingers, toes and eyes are crossed that this is me getting back to fitness.

Long time, No Run, No Post


It’s been almost three weeks since I last ran and if I wasn’t so exhausted I’d be going mad. Three weeks ago I was suddenly struck down with an almighty back ache. It seemed to come from nowhere and totally floored me. As it subsided I was left with an ache that went from my lower spine to my left hip and deep into my groin. Gradually the ache worsened.

This week I finally braved the doctor. She was thorough; besides the back/leg problem I was also experiencing dizziness. She diagnosed Labyrinthitis and (tentatively) bursitis of the hip. The combination of the painkillers and antibiotics has left me feeling sick and worn out. To be honest, I’m just getting through a day’s work, if I can, and just sleeping when I get home.

I’m bushed!

Ironically my Great Winter Run number arrived in the post this week, reminding me that in six weeks I have the hardest 5k of the season to do. And, not only that, Mo Farah is meant to be competing at the Cross Country Championships held at Holyrood Park after I’ve run! I have to be there. I have to!

Hopefully the pills will do their magic, the swelling on my hip will soon subside and I will no longer fall over whenever I left my head like this…..